Here’s How it Works…

1. Pour resin pellets and a desired additive, filler or colorant into the removable melt chamber of the Model-M mixing device.

2. Melt the materials in the chamber, and then mix them with the hand tool, or with an overhead mixer positioned over the Model-M mixing device.

3. Remove the melt chamber from the Model-M mixing device.

4. Insert the melt chamber into the Model-S Injection Molder.

5. Inject the mixed material into a desired mold by pulling down the handle of the model-S machine.

6. Remove the mold from the Model-S machine, and

then remove the injection molded part from the mold.

The mixing blade inserts

through a material stripping

assembly positioned over the

melt chamber, which prevents

the molten polymer from being

pulled out of the chamber

when the blade is withdrawn.

The slotted center element

freely rotates during the

mixing operation.

The helical mixing blade creates

excellent laminar and chaotic flow

within the melt chamber, allowing the

entire melt to experience a uniform

processing history.

More details…

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